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Future of the website's security

Future of the website's security - Introduction

The core technologies of the Internet are moving forward at an exponential rate. They are the foundation for everything from web-enabled email and text messaging to connected cars and smart cities.

To ensure the security of your organization, you must secure the Web. Automation and integration are the greatest allies in this fight. Security technology could automate your most important tasks and integrate it with your existing infrastructure.

Web Technology Adoption

Companies without a fully-fledged web presence are already dead in the water. To remain competitive, every company needs a powerful web presence, one that includes an online store if they haven’t got one already.

The number of websites continues to grow exponentially every year. The complexity of website interfaces makes it harder and harder for people to secure them. The growing popularity of the websites means that cyber criminals are becoming more likely to use them as an entry point. The increasing integration of the websites into the "cloud" means that more and more systems are interconnected. This increases the chances that a successful web attack will lead to a full system compromise and give the attackers access to important data.

Web vulnerabilities are not discovered by typical firewall or antivirus type tools. As a result, to ensure the security of the web companies must know and use the right tools in their security systems. Unfortunately, many of these tools are still quite manual.

Today, online businesses must also protect themselves from cyber criminals and other malicious hackers. The application layer is no longer just the marketing sites, but it is the primary way an enterprise interacts with its customers. This means there is now a similar shift in risk.

The world is becoming one big Open Source

Many brands are using open source solutions. This trend will only increase with time. Today, more than 40% of websites already use WordPress. It's not easy to find a website or web application that does not use an open source solution at all. Even custom solutions often use open source libraries.

Open source software is a great thing. It's a blessing, but it also carries risks. If a security vulnerability is discovered in an open source library or solution, it's a big problem for your business. Hackers can easily attack your website and take over your business. WordPress sites are the backbone of most websites, but they are also more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

You should always keep your software up to date and it is just as important (if not more) than keeping your site secure. If you don’t, you may as well not even have a website at all because you’re making it easy for someone to hack your website and steal things from you. Future of the website's security Hack Cleaners 04

We are now going to talk about some reasons why companies do not want to implement open source website monitoring. The first is a lack of information. A company without a dedicated security team may not realize that its comprehensive security solution does not protect against web attacks. Another company may choose not to implement web vulnerability protection because of cost. Some companies do not use online security because it is difficult to integrate with their existing systems.

Open source software has many advantages, but it also has some risks. If a web vulnerability is discovered in an open source system or library, it can be a huge attack surface.

As the number of assets at risk increases, so does the complexity of protecting those assets. The potential attack surface continues to grow, but, one thing seems to show a counter-trend: the availability of cybersecurity potential is decreasing.

But skilled cybersecurity experts are so valuable that they will be in such demand that companies will have to work hard to keep them. If they lose them, they will not be able to find someone to replace them.

Automating cybersecurity is a good idea. With the right tools and resources, you can get the job done and save yourself a lot of time and resources in the process. One of the best ways to keep your security team engaged is to make sure they are doing things that excite them and make them feel needed.

Last years are the years of the cybersecurity workforce crisis. There are not enough skilled workers to meet the needs of our increasingly interconnected world. Things are going to get worse before they get better. The only real solution is to improve our current pipeline of skilled workers. That means ramping up diversity in our pipelines, increasing diversity in our existing workforce, creating more apprenticeship opportunities and a modernized approach to training.

The future of Cyber Security - what we can expect

In the future we can expect more and more attacks on our data. More attacks on our money, our identity and our very existence. More regulation. More lawsuits. More problems for us all. In short, we can expect:

  • new requirements that may increase investments into Cyber Security
  • hacks, leaks, and big data dumps
  • crypto jackingFuture of the website's security Hack Cleaners 01

The financial industry is one of the segments most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is impossible to predict the future of cyber security, but the number of attacks on the financial industry and other businesses will certainly rise.

In fact, the number of hacks and data breaches is already at an all-time high. One of the main reasons for this increase in the rate of data breaches is that the bad guys are getting better at using big data to uncover new ways to break into organizations and steal valuable information. The bad guys are also becoming more sophisticated at hiding their tracks once they are inside the network. This is true not only for large organizations but also for small businesses. Even if your organization is not large, you are still at risk because no one is immune to cyber-attacks.

When it comes to security, even very small organizations can do a lot more than they realize. Just because you don’t have a huge number of employees or a lot of money does not mean that you are immune from these types of attacks. One of the best ways for a business of any size to prepare for a cyber-attack is to invest in cyber-security technology.

The solution

What can you do to protect websites? How can you be ready? What should you do to prepare your business for this brave new world with rising online risks?

You need to know that there is no silver bullet when it comes to website security. There is no one product or set of products that will provide 100% protection.

While the industry is moving away from simple manual tools, there are many solutions that are used for simple tasks. However, there are very few solutions that address the problem from a business standpoint. If you want to stay competitive in this ever-changing market, you need to invest in the tools that automate processes, integrate into your existing infrastructure and continue to evolve as your business grows.

Written by Ivica Delic

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