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Do you suspect you have malware? Has your WordPress website been hacked? Are you and your visitors getting Google's dreaded red malware warning screen? If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers. As one of the most important assets in your business, it's vital that you keep your website updated, protected and online.
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Defend your WordPress website against hacks and malware.


Gain peace of mind by knowing that your website is safely backed up.


Do not expose your WordPress website with outdated plugins and themes.


Get best performance and avoid hosting problems, once and for all.

What We Do?

Malware does not care if your website is your source of income. It can destroy your online reputation and your business. We are here to find and fix threats and prevent future attacks. We are here to protect your reputation!
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Cyber Security

How Secure Is Your Website Now?

Want us to check it out? Feel free to reach out and have our team review your website and provide a detailed report of the infection and investigation.

Services That We Offer

Real-time Protection

Real-time Protection

Block attacks by filtering malicious traffic.
Malware removal

Malware Removal

Remove malicious code in your website file system and database.
WordPress Updates

Software Updates

Regular software updates to make sure your website secure.
Website monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Real time monitoring to make sure your website is always up.
Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Managed cloud hosting for best security and performance.
Malware removal

Incremental Cloud Backups

The fastest, most reliable website daily backups.

An Expert Team, dedicated to deliver quick results.

Hack Cleaners is a team of WordPress enthusiasts dedicated to securing websites. We come from a WordPress development background with over a decade of development experience. We ended up supporting and fixing the most obscure and frustrating website issues for site owners.

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