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Why do I need to clear my browser cache?

What is a browser’s cache?

The browser cache is a database of the files that the browser downloads from the web. The browser cache saves these files for a later date, in case you are unable to load those pages again. So you may wonder "why do I need to clear my browser cache"? Keep reading and find out!

How does browser’s cache memory work?

When you want to visit a website, your browser makes a request to the web server for the content of the website. If the content is not in your browser cache, the server sends it directly to you. If it is in your cache, you can load it from there, which is much faster.why do i need to clear my browser cache Hack Cleaners 02

Content is stale if it has been cached. Fresh means that the content has not expired and can be served directly from the browser cache without involving the server.

After all, HTTPS is a protocol! The problem arises when you add various headers that do not necessarily fit into the HTTPS standard. Sometimes you see them within a single website or application. Other times, they are used by different applications in a distributed architecture. It's common for web developers and administrators to use caching headers that are different from those most people are familiar with.

Caching is a way to make your website faster. You can implement it by caching response headers. The caching policy is the set of rules used to determine what can be cached and for how long. Although you can implement caching in many different ways, start with cache-control.

Efficiency of the browser’s cache memory

Every website needs to be fast. Whether it's the local barbershop or Wikipedia with its vast store of knowledge, speed is a feature that should not be ignored. That's why caching is important. Great way to make websites faster is to save parts of them so they do not have to be recomputed or downloaded the next time you visit.

To speed up loading times, it's a good idea to save a local copy of some website information. This save having to re-download the information from the server, which can save time. The downside is that the information on a website may have changed while you are loading an older version. It is recommended that you choose a website with the same domain name as your browser. For example, if you use Chrome, keep a local copy of the Google cache in your Google account.

To keep your browser running as fast as possible, you should clear your cache every few weeks. You can set your browser preferences to clear the cache when you exit the window.

Browser Hygiene - the Importance of Clearing Cache

  • maximizing speed and performance
  • viewing most recent pages
  • maintaining security
  • fixing browser errors
  • enhancing your privacy

Why do I need to clear my browser cache?

This will reduce loading time and improve your browser's performance. If you do not load the new version of the site, even if there have been changes to the site since your last visit, the cache may cause problems with your view.why do i need to clear my browser cache Hack Cleaners 01

In an age where page load speed is an important consideration not only for users but also for SEO, you should also remember that not all users will always clear the cache in their browser. But this is necessary from time to time, because sometimes even a complete page refresh does not help.

Every now and then, a website stops working and you need to clear your cache. For example, my colleague recently had a problem with our website. He was unable to upload any articles. I recommended that he clear his browser cache, which solved the problem.

Sometimes the version of the website stored on your computer and the version you load from the web can be different. This can cause problems that can be solved by clearing the cache.
For example, your website was recently updated. This is probably the reason for the problem.

The cache also causes problems when logging in to the public Wi-Fi.

In this case, you need to clear the cache in the browser you are using:

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome - Desktop

1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
2. Select More Tools Clear Browsing Data.
3. Select a time range.
4. Select Cached images and files and, if necessary, cookies and other site data.
5. Click Clear Data.

How to Clear Cache Google Chrome - Mobile

1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
2. Click History.
3. Click Browsing Data and, if necessary, Clear Cookies and Other Site Data.
4. Select a time range.
5. Click Clear Data.

How to Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox - Desktop

1. Click the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner. ​
2. Click Options.
3. Click Options.
4. Click Privacy & Security.
5. Scroll to Cookies and Website Data and select Clear Data or, if you want to remove specifically for a domain, click Manage Data.
6. Delete Data allows you to select only cached web content and/or cookies and website data.
7. Click Delete.

How to Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox - Mobile

1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
2. Click History.
3. Click History.
4. Click Clear Browsing History.
5. Click on the confirmation to delete.

How to Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge why do i need to clear my browser cache Hack Cleaners 03

1. In the upper-right corner, click the three horizontal dots.
2. Click Settings.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click Privacy and Services.
5. Click Select what to delete.
6. Click Delete now.

How to Clear Cache in Safari - Desktop Version

1. Tap Safari in the upper-left corner of the screen.
2. Click Preferences.
3. Click Advanced.
4. Select Show Develop Menu from the menu bar.
5. Close the Preferences screen.
6. Click Develop on the toolbar.
7. Click Clear Cache.

How to Clear Cache in Safari - Mobile

1. From the iPhone menu, open Preferences.
2. Click Safari.
3. Click Clear History and Website Data.
4. Confirm Clear History and Data.

Whether you are a regular user of websites or an occasional web surfer, a regular cache cleanup is a good habit to maintain as it will increase your browsing speed, security and access to the latest information on the website.

Written by Ivica Delic

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